Welcome Message from Principal

Welcome Message from the Principal

Welcome Message from Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The Perse School, Singapore!

When parents are choosing an International school with their child, common questions are asked;

  • Will my child be happy?
  • Will my child feel like they belong?
  • As a parent will I feel part of the community?
  • Will my child be challenged academically to help them achieve their aspirations?
  • Will my child build resilience, independence and be supported in taking risks beyond their perceived limitations?
  • Does the school understand its heritage and how does it align to its values?
  • Will the staff encourage, nurture and assist my child to love learning through exploration?

Pleasingly, I found the right answers to these exact questions when I visited The Perse School, Singapore to discover if the school was one which I wanted to lead, develop and nurture.

Most importantly they were answered by the diverse, rich community itself presented by heart-warming smiling pupils and enthusiastic teachers and parents. Beyond the academic rigour which is harnessed by the community, the vibrant and energetic heart of the school beats through pupil leadership, volumes of extra curricular activities, passions and expressions of opportunities to enhance self identity through creative arts and performance.

As an educator I have always firmly believed that a student excels in achieving their personal goals when they feel happy, are challenged in a supportive environment and understand that the people around them care. It is essential that opportunities for learning are not just delivered through a scheme of work but rather a curriculum is a springboard to discovery and the school is not just a vessel for this but a living breathing environment that engages its core values.

The embedded aims of ‘Intellectual Curiosity and Scholarship’, ‘Breadth and Balance’, ‘Endeavour’ and ‘Respect for one another and Our Environment’ are values which makes The Perse School, Singapore unique. These are not token mission statements but rather a way of living for the school, developing its community to be future ready global citizens that support, aspire, motivate and engage with the world around them.  

These values are of course symbiotic with our sister school; The Perse Cambridge with a heritage of 450 years strong. It is essential to us as a community to ensure our staff and pupils embody our mission “To love learning and strive for the greater good” across the globe as a truly International School with its roots in its British foundations and interwoven Singaporean culture of which we are very proud as The Perse family.

We look forward to welcoming you into our family,

Welcome Message from Principal

Nicholas Paul Belcher

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