The Perse School Singapore


Pupil’s Wellbeing


The Perse School Singapore is an environment where children can thrive academically, socially and personally.

Opening doors...

We are committed to helping children develop as confident, smiling, interesting and interested individuals. Promoting and supporting the wellbeing of everyone in the school community is a huge part of creating this ethos and the School works in a variety of ways to approach wellbeing from every angle.

Central to all aspects of this process is effective communication. At The Perse School Singapore, we pride ourselves on our approachable staff, whose doors are always open to help support others in our community. Our staff go the extra mile to get to know our pupils as individuals, and we value what makes each child unique.


Happy children are successful children. Pastoral care at The Perse School Singapore centres around the Form Teacher, who is the first contact for children or parents with any concerns. Our approach is always positive, and we believe passionately that recognising every child’s diverse achievements is a key part of ensuring that they feel valued at school.


The Perse School Singapore is committed to safeguarding the welfare of its pupils and meets the highest standards of safeguarding in both the UK and Singapore. All staff undergo rigorous training and robust systems are in place to ensure that children feel safe in the school environment. You may find our Safeguarding policies on our policies page.

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