Parents Testimonials

Parents Testimonial

What Our Parents Say
School life in a multicultural community with dedicated teachers
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
Simon & Alexandra Young,
Parents of Elena & Jessie
(Year 2 & Year 5)
“We joined The Perse School Singapore in June 2020 and have 2 children there. When our children first started the teachers dedicated time with the children and assigned each of them a buddy to help them settle in. We love The Perse School Singapore because it builds on the heritage and history of The Perse School in Cambridge, UK yet it is a small nurturing school offering small class sizes.

We always have direct access to our children’s form tutors which is fantastic – if there are any concerns/issues or good news to share, it can be done almost instantaneously! We couldn’t be happier that we found The Perse School Singapore for our children.”
Parents Testimonials
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
Paul & Emma Vorley,
Parents of Max
(Year 3)

“We could not be happier with our choice to send our son, Max, to The Perse School Singapore. As we have moved from the U.K., we wanted the continuity of staying within the U.K. curriculum.

The Perse School Singapore provides this and more, with the added benefit of daily Chinese and the combination of Singapore Maths incorporated with Cambridge Maths. The excellent academic standards and the dedication of the staff at The Perse School Singapore are clear to see.

However, it is the warmth and the community feel to the school which really sets it apart. All the staff know my son by name and the nurturing environment provides an excellent platform for learning and development. My son is so happy at school and is thriving both academically and socially. We feel very lucky to have found The Perse School Singapore.”

Parents Testimonials
The Perse School Singapore- British International School

Alison & Nikhil Ray,
Parents of Twins Malin & Willoughby

(Year 4)

“We’ve lived in Singapore for 11 years, and the boys attended a local preschool since the age of six months. They thoroughly enjoyed it and reached a high standard with the bilingual programme there.

We wanted the boys to continue their Chinese studies, and the daily Chinese lessons at The Perse School Singapore were a major factor in our decision to send them there. We were also drawn by the curriculum of the school, and we appreciate that specialist teachers lead each subject. We also like that the school has a designated library, science laboratory and dining area, and the boys like the house system.

Both our boys joined Year 2 at The Perse School Singapore in August 2020, on their first official intake. We chose to enrol the boys over the Circuit Breaker in Singapore; in our online meetings with the senior teachers they spoke eloquently about education and seemed most interested in our boys’ characters and their needs. We knew it would be a good fit for our children as the school is small and seemed to focus on academics more than some other primary schools.

It’s a school that is growing and our boys enjoy every day and have made lots of friends!”

Parents Testimonials
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
Minendra & Anuja,
Parents of Grish & Myra

(Year 2 & Year 4)

“We enrolled our son in Year 2 at The Perse School Singapore. We are very happy to see him getting out of bed every morning excitedly to go to school. The school has been a very cosy environment and the students are getting a personalised care. We are very happy to see the students and the teachers know each other very well and by their name. Truly a Family away from home!

With all these good experiences with our first one, we have now decided to enrol our second child in the same school too. I am looking forward to many more days of my children with smiles on their faces with the joyful academic experience that The Perse School Singapore has to offer!”

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