Outdoor Education

Physical Education is a time for letting off steam, learning to collaborate with your peers and setting new goals for yourself. At The Perse School Singapore, children receive 2.5 hours of PE every week as well as other outdoor activities during school hours. Every child receives 16 lessons of swimming per year which takes place at The Temasek Club, are led by professional swimming coaches and cater for all abilities. For their field sports, children go up to The Rainforest Hub at Turf City and take advantage of local gymnastics facilities for part of their PE curriculum. During break and lunch time, children also use nearby trampolining facilities as well as the Bukit Timah reserve.

Both venues are conveniently situated a short 5 minute bus ride away.

School Trips

The Perse values extending learning outside of the classroom through school trips.  Whilst we have not been unable to partake in many due to Covid restrictions we have managed a trip to The Red Dot Design Museum and a hike up to Bukit Timah, with plans for trips to The National Gallery, Chinatown and sleeping under the stars for our Scouts, to name just a few!
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