Our Vision, Mission & Values

Excellent schools have a clear sense of purpose shared by pupils, staff and parents. The Perse School’s vision is “To Love Learning & Strive For The Greater Good.” Our vision is to create a British International School which brings over 400 years of tradition, values, and educational excellence from Cambridge to Singapore. We encourage a culture of international mindedness, promote respect, and encourage empathy and thoughtfulness. We work hard to ensure that every child is valued as an individual and goes on to develop a life-long love of learning. To realise this vision, The Perse will:

(a) Foster academic excellence through a challenging curriculum, outstanding teaching, and a culture of endeavour, intellectual curiosity and scholarship

(b) Provide a supportive pastoral environment which meets individual needs, and promotes the development of happy, balanced and considerate pupils

(c) Offer a rounded education, rich in extra-curricular opportunities, which develop life skills, character and perspective

(d) Encourage the appreciation of the spiritual dimension to life, and the development of a moral framework

(e) Provide high quality professional development for staff to ensure ongoing personal and institutional improvement.

A common set of values has been agreed which define the behaviour expected of all The Perse students and staff. We value:

We Value

Which means we

  • Aim high and challenge ourselves
  • Try our best and are not afraid to make mistakes

So we

  • Aim to be the best we can reasonably be and unlock our full potential
  • Set high standards and value the efforts people make to reach them
  • Are organised and punctual
  • Develop the resilience needed to embrace setbacks as learning opportunities
  • Win and lose honourably and graciously
  • Lead by example
We Value
Intellectual Curiosity & Scholarship

Which means we

  • Love learning, thinking deeply and being creative
  • Welcome reasoned debate

So we

  • Develop a lifelong love of learning, acquiring the qualities and skills needed for successful study
  • Go beyond the curriculum and exam specifications
  • Celebrate original thought, research and creativity
  • Learn to communicate well both orally and in writing
  • Invite challenge; listen to and value other perspectives
  • Reflect on our learning to become more effective learners
We Value
Breadth and balance

Which means we

  • Are involved, engaged and committed
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities we are given

So we

  • Take on personal responsibility and develop our leadership potentials
  • Learn to play our part in a team
  • Honour our commitments
  • Broaden our horizons by trying new activities
  • Find enjoyment and personal development in extra curricular learning
  • Keep a sense of perspective
We Value
One another and our environment

Which means we

  • Each play our part in creating a kind and considerate community
  • Care for ourselves, each other, and those in need, our school the wider community and our world

So we

  • Are honest, kind, courteous, and caring in all we do
  • Balance the needs of the individual and the community
  • Act responsibly to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy
  • Look after the school and wider environment
  • Acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of others, treat all fairly, and recognise that diversity is a strength
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