Our Team

Our Team

Our team, comprising of highly experienced teachers and staff leaders, are the pillars of our strength and success. As the link between practice and theory, the role of our leadership team is crucial in personalising our approach of amazing learning for the benefit of each and every child.

Beyond classroom education, our passionate, internationally diverse and caring teachers are committed to helping pupils develop core attributes necessary to attain success in their learning. This is achieved through our outstanding group of specialist staff members who nurture and develop the children’s academic curiosity and love for learning.

Our Team

Organisational Chart

Leadership Team

Our Team
Ms Benyna Richards, BA (Hons) & PGCE

Benyna has multiple years of experience in the education industry, having served numerous roles as a teacher, Head of Department, Chair of Governors researcher and trainer. Prior to joining The Perse School Singapore, Benyna was the Professional Development Director at Tanglin Trust School. As a member of the leadership team, her role included strategic leadership and management, leading staff development and developing links within and beyond the school community with a range of organisations, such as the Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia and Caring for Cambodia. Benyna, originally from Cornwall, UK is a long distant runner and can often be seen on the trails of Singapore and possibly making her own Cornish Pasties!

Our Team
Mr Roger Teng,
Deputy Principal

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Roger has worked in various sectors since graduating from university. Prior to joining the educational field, he spent over 16 years in Sales and Marketing with a multi-national company. He has over 10 years’ experience in the education industry, having served in numerous roles as a teacher.

Prior to joining the Perse School Singapore, Roger was the Head of Department for English at Anglo-Chinese School (Junior). As a member of the senior leadership team, his role included leadership and management, staff development, and pupil welfare.

Roger’s hobby is travelling around the world to experience the similarities and differences amongst cultures. At times you may find him hiking in remote places as well.

Our Team
Mr Andrew Morse, BA (Hons) & PGCE
Assistant Headteacher and Head Of Department (English)

Awarded a first-class degree in English Literature (BA Hons), Andrew started his career teaching as a class-teacher with Croughton All Saints Primary School (UK), which was ranked amongst the top three schools in the country for their summative results. He left to pursue his subject-specialism and moved to Winchester House Prep School (UK) where he spent three years as Head of English.

Andrew lives at NTU with his wife who is Professor of Education there and his two young children.

Heads of Departments

Our Team
Mrs Stella Rainalter, BA (Hons) in Education (Chinese Language)
Head Of Department (Chinese) Key Stage 2 Lead

With a strong passion and love for teaching Chinese language, Stella pursued her subject-specialism and earned a BA (Hons) in Education (Chinese Language). She began her teaching career in a local school and has taught children aged 7-12. With over 9 years of experience in the field of Education, Stella is experienced in teaching both Chinese as a mother-tongue as well as a foreign language.

Having been a semi-professional dancer appearing in public performances, Stella continues with her active lifestyle by hitting the gym and dancing in her free time. During the weekends, she can be seen exploring different recipes- especially German and Italian desserts- in the kitchen.

Our Team
Mr Gary Holland, BA (Hons) in Primary Education
Head Of Department (Humanities)

Gary began training to be a teacher in 2004 and qualified in 2007. Since then, he has held multiple roles within the education system, including a role as Lead Youth Development Worker in a Youth Project in the United Kingdom. Gary has taught in both Primary and Secondary schools, in the UK, Kuwait and Singapore.

Before joining the Perse School, Gary was at another international school in Singapore for almost 8 years. In this school, Gary held the following roles at various times: Grade 4 teacher, House coordinator, Student Council coordinator, Residentials coordinator, National Service coordinator, IBDP CAS coordinator, IGCSE Geography, History, Global Perspectives and Business Studies teacher, Head of department for PE.

Gary is passionate about teaching and learning in all areas but Humanities in particular. Gary believes that Humanities topics shouldn’t just be learned, they should also be experienced. Humanities subjects are brought to life by project work, making models and physical interactions with resources, as well as reading and writing within the subjects.

When not teaching, Gary enjoys a range of recreational pursuits: researching, competitive online gaming, go-karting, rock climbing, canoeing, Warhammer, and relaxing with his wife and 2 cats.

Our Team

Dr Dee King, PhD, MA, BA (Hons) & PGCEi

Head Of Department (Science)

Dee comes to The Perse School Singapore from Tanglin Trust School where she worked in the Science department for over 6 years.  Her science specialisms are middle school science and chemistry, although she has worked with students of all ages from year 3 through to year 13.  She believes passionately in education being enjoyable and accessible for all and has many years of learning support experience.  She has run workshops in school, for FOBISIA, at conferences and for the charity ‘Caring for Cambodia’ on how teachers and support staff can better support students in their learning.   Dee is a lifelong learner (as she hates not understanding things) and is always studying something or learning new skills.   To relaxshe likes to explore Singapore (especially the bits some people don’t see!) and spend time with her family and her very shouty cat!  She is a rugby fan who also loves watching live music and disappearing into a good book.

Our Team

Ms Sara Ngooi, MA, BA (Hons) & PGCEi

Head Of Department (Music) and Examinations Officer

Sara has 10 years of music performing experience and 16 years of music teaching experience. She has worked with students from 4 to 60 years of age who have been inspired to learn an instrument. Sara had 5 years of full-time music lecturing experience at the contemporary music department of UCSI University in Malaysia and taught music in Alice Smith International School and Nexus International Schools in Malaysia.   

Originally from Malaysia, Sara moved to Norway in 2012 with her husband and worked for 2 years teaching music at the Oslo International School. During her stay in Norway, she also took up the role of organist and choir pianist at Metodistkirken på Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway. After moving back to Malaysia for 3 years, she went on another adventure moving to Singapore in 2019 with her husband and 2 young daughters. She spends her free time exploring different recipes in the kitchen and enjoys long walks at the beautiful parks in Singapore with her daughters.

Our Team

Ms Arabella Lambe

Head Of Admissions and Marketing

With over 9 years’ experience in the Education sector, Arabella has worked extensively in both Admissions & Marketing. Originally from Cornwall, UK, Arabella has spent many years in Asia since moving to Hong Kong with her husband in 2007. She was responsible for the General Management as well as Admissions & Marketing of Woodland’s Montessori Pre-School Mid-Levels and went on to launch Woodland’s Pre-School in Sai Kung (Hong Kong), before settling down and having a family. She moved to Singapore in 2020 with her husband, 3 children, 2 dogs and 2 hamsters – yes, she enjoys a busy lifestyle! In her spare time she may be seen cycling, hiking and generally on the go.

POPs — People of Perse School

The People of Perse School organise a variety of fun and social events, such as summer and Christmas fetes, dances and quiz nights throughout the year to raise money for the school. This also helps brings together our parent community. POPs meet approximately once a month. Anyone is welcome at these meetings and can join the committee to discuss ideas and plan upcoming fundraising for the school. It doesn’t matter if parents can’t make every meeting and it is always very informal! Dates are advertised in the fortnightly Principal’s Newsletter. POPS would welcome new volunteers to help with fundraising. There is no minimum commitment so please consider joining us.
Our Team
Joining POPS is a great way of meeting other parents whilst helping to raise money for our children and school to benefit from.”
Our Team

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