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Science – Rocket Building

By Jeffri Khalid

23 Feb 2020

To many, rocket science may seem like an impenetrable concept that is just too difficult to understand, but our pioneer batch of sci-whiz kids at Perse will argue otherwise! During their Science orientation activity, they learned that air can be compressed following an introduction to the different states of matter. They soon got their hands around building their own paper rockets. On the day of the “space” launch mission, our very own budding rocket scientists had a blast firing the rockets several feet in the air using nothing more than a few puffs of air from the bicycle pump via the space launcher.

Jeffri Khalid

With over 18 years of teaching experience after Graduating The National Institute of Education, Jeffri has specialised and headed departments in Math, IT and Science. Previously Jeffri was based at the Anglo-Chinese School (Jr).

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