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Principal’s Welcome Letter

By Claire Bell

16 Jan 2020

Welcome to our first Newsletter of the year. Our intention is to give you a real insight into our inclusive school and a taste of what our pupils are experiencing.

It has been a great start to our new term, with happy pupils enjoying the activities on offer during orientation week, learning is taking place and settling into a new environment is well underway for all.

Listening and speaking are two skills needed for any group of people to move forward, especially in schools. So, I am proud to see that our children are engaging in deep conversations with their peers and teachers regarding their learning and experiences so far in the Perse.

I hope you enjoy reading this first newsletter as much as I have enjoyed putting it together!

Kindest regards,

Claire Bell

Founding Principal, The Perse School Singapore

Claire Bell

Claire has over 25 years of teaching and educational management experience in schools throughout the UK and internationally.

A qualified SENCo, Claire has previously held the posts of Executive Principal at BISK (Iraq) and as Head of Schools at Tenby Schools (Malaysia).

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