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By Rachel Ng

23 Mar 2020

World Book Day teaches children about the love for reading and in this week’s Global Perspective lesson, we taught the children about a love for learning and the importance of treating everyone equally. With a small amount of “money” given to each of them, the children had a mini shopping spree at The Perse Mini Mart! The task was to spend all the money they had and buy as many items as possible. Through the activity, we created scenarios based on (in)equality between the rich and poor and boys and girls. Should everyone be allowed to study in schools regardless of how rich or poor they are? Do boys deserve education more than girls? These were some of the questions posed to the children and it got their minds thinking.

Miss Rachel and Miss Stella – Global Perspectives

Rachel Ng

A Sociology Graduate who branched into the Education sector as a curriculum specialist in one of Singapore’s biggest enrichment centres. Rachel designs English curriculums that are tailored to Primary aged children.

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