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Escape School

By Shaye Au

23 Jan 2020

On 7 January 2020, our pioneer batch of pupils were engaged in an important mission – to ‘escape school’!  

Pupils started their mission at the reception area of the school, where they had to complete a task before they could obtain a clue and a key to the location of the next task.

Pupils had to move from venue to venue in the school, completing various tasks in order to obtain their final key which would unlock the glass doors of the school and ‘set them free’!

Pupils (and teachers) thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the Escape School orientation game. Through the Escape School, pupils got to familiarise themselves with the school compound, while at the same time putting on their thinking hats in order to solve the multitude of puzzles!

Miss Shaye (Head of Maths)

See if you can solve one of the puzzles your children managed to solve…

I have cities, but no houses.

I have mountains, but no trees.

I have water, but no fish.

What am I?

Shaye Au

With over 10 years mathematical teaching experience across multiple syllabuses in both local Singaporean and international schools, including New Zealand. Shaye is also an experienced theatre dancer.

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