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Curious Vedanth

By Shaye Au

22 Apr 2020

With lockdown taking hold across the globe, one Year 2 Perse Pupil has found an exciting project to keep himself busy!

Vedanth, or Curious Vedanth as he is now known, has created a podcast to satisfy his curiosity about the world around him. His fascinating fortnightly episodes have so far featured a Pathologist and an Architect and this Friday’s episode will see Vedanth interview a Boeing airplane wing designer!

At 7 years old, Vedanth has a knack for asking very insightful and probing questions, making his podcast an interesting listen for children and adults alike!

We turned the tables on Vedanth and asked him a few questions of our own!

What inspired you to make the Podcast?

Recently, I have been listening to a few children’s podcasts and that inspired me to start a podcast of my own.

What is the most curious thing you have found out about so far?

The most curious thing I have found out is how a plane is made.

Who would be your dream Podcast guest?

My dream podcast guest would be Kane Williamson. He is a cricketer. I would ask him about his story to success.

Curious Vedanth is available wherever you find your podcasts – including Spotify and Apple Podcasts!

With plenty of time available during the lockdown give it a listen – you might find out something curious!

Shaye Au

With over 10 years mathematical teaching experience across multiple syllabuses in both local Singaporean and international schools, including New Zealand. Shaye is also an experienced theatre dancer.

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