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School Life

School Life

‍Pupil happiness is a prerequisite to academic and extra-curricular success. We provide a supportive community characterised by mutual respect, encouragement and care.

Children do best when there is an effective partnership between home and school. We keep in close contact with parents to ensure our pupils are getting the most out of their time here, to discuss and address any concerns and to help parents support their children’s education.

The Perse House System

Soon after joining The Perse School, pupils are allocated to one of four Houses: Barbarians, Foresters, Nomads and Corinthians. Pupils receive House points for positive behaviour and achievement, and the chance to work towards certificates and awards. Ultimately the collaboration between our pupils results in the House Cup allocation, a prestigious award to the House who have gained the most points. Keenly contested Inter-House competitions, involving all pupils, take place throughout the year.

Another Way to Belong

The house system provides an interactive, real world context for students to work together with many team-oriented approaches which tune into The Perse Values. Pupils are challenged to unite and collaborate in teams with their peers from all Primary year groups.

Barbarians & Foresters

Barbarians: Named after the nomadic amateur rugby side which played their first fixture in 1890.

Foresters: Named after the nomadic amateur cricket side established in 1856.

Corinthians & Nomads

Corinthians: Named after the nomadic amateur football side which played their first fixture in 1882.

Nomads: Named after one of the University’s hockey sides.

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