The Perse School Singapore



The Perse Learning Philosophy

Pupils develop the core skills essential for modern life through their academic studies, sport, the creative and performing arts and through their extra curricular interests. Beyond that we help instil attitudes and practices that will stand pupils in good stead for higher education, careers and lifelong learning.

How We Learn

Educational experts agree that there are many methods that teachers can use when teaching pupils. At The Perse School Singapore, we take an approach that is multi-sensory and experiential.

  • This personalised approach engages pupils through different senses at the same time.
  • This approach will give pupils more than one way to make connections and learn concepts, knowledge and skills.

In Class

We embrace the individuality of every learner and we do all we can to enable them to do better than they can ever imagine possible. We support and encourage our pupils to be self- reflective, independent and to take increasing responsibility for their learning, enabling them to achieve to the best of their ability. After all, learning is about the child as a whole, not just the grades they receive.

Technology Integration

Technology is integrated seamlessly into our curriculum, facilitating learning while enhancing pupil collaboration skills. Through this learning process, we want our pupils to love learning and strive for the greater good. We want our pupils to be involved, engaged, and committed in their education. We want pupils to aim high and challenge themselves.

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