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The Perse School Singapore is a British School following the Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme for Year 7 to 9 pupils, starting with Year 7 in August 2022*. Our curriculum embeds our school values, skills, and knowledge as well as building on traditions and widening pupils’ horizons and experiences. Amazing learning at The Perse School Singapore continues after the Primary School syllabus from age 5-12. We continue to build on what pupils have learnt, now that they have a good foundation in the core subjects.

*Year 8 will commence from August 2023.

Secondary school education for local students and international students
Cambridge Lower Secondary education in a private secondary school in Singapore

Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum

The Perse School Singapore offers the Cambridge Lower Secondary curriculum. This world-class curriculum provides a broad and balanced education for pupils, helping them to grow and flourish throughout their schooling life.

The flexible curriculum allows our school to offer a greater variety of subject combinations. We are also able to adapt the content to suit our culture and ethos.


Our school offers a broad and balanced academic curriculum set in the context of a generous amount of time for games, other extra curricular activities and opportunities to develop socially. 

Learning environment for quality education and academic development The English language curriculum focuses on developing reading, writing and speaking skills. Pupils will work on grammatical structures, vocabulary and comprehension of texts, as well as the development of confidence in speaking and listening. The focus is on encouraging and instilling a life-long interest in reading, writing and spoken communication so that pupils can develop English skills that they can properly apply to different purposes and audiences.

Cambridge International Secondary School

In maths, we aim to encourage a life-long enthusiasm for analytical and rational thinking. By marrying Singapore Maths and Cambridge Maths, we strive to allow our pupils to see the relevance of Mathematics in everyday life, the applications of the concepts learned, and then challenge them to solve problems requiring higher-order thinking skills once they have built a strong foundational understanding in the relevant concepts. 

Bilingual programme in our Secondary School

The Chinese course at our school outlines the Chinese language learning priorities that focus on pupils acquiring functional language use.


Our dual-track system (Standard Chinese and Chinese as a Foreign Language) renders different outcomes in terms of language proficiency and cultural appreciation, with real-life contexts anchored in the course.


The Chinese language courses aim to produce listeners, speakers, readers and writers, who are competent in using the Chinese Language appropriately and effectively, for meaningful purposes.

Secondary school students receiving a holistic education

Our lower secondary science curriculum is designed to nurture a life-long curiosity about the natural world and to enable pupils to seek scientific explanations to the phenomena around them.

Cambridge International Secondary School

Our History curriculum helps to construct a coherent understanding of the past and its impact on our present and future. Through an enquiry-based, critical approach to the past, pupils can develop perspective and judgement.

Students receive ample academic support to improve their social skills and critical thinking

Our Geography curriculum is designed to inspire a life-long curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. Pupils will be equipped with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments. Pupils are encouraged to form a personal and active understanding of their place in the world.


Through the study of geography, pupils will gain an appreciation for the diversity within geographical areas and understand physical and human processes which define them.

Digital literacy is an essential skills for pupils of all ages. The subject will prepare pupils for the challenges of an ever-evolving world of technology. Through the use of digital literacy programmes, pupils will learn to effectively use technology and be positive contributors to the digital world.

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A globally diverse curriculum, Global Perspectives develops the skills of research, analysis, evaluation, reflection, collaboration and communication for our future global citizens.


It builds interdisciplinary links across English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Digital Literacy. The skills are taught through a wide range of topics using a personal, local and global lens.

Private education to achieve academic excellence

Our music curriculum aims to nurture the heart, mind and soul of each pupil through the use of music while challenging them to achieve their optimum potential. Our program is designed to encourage inclusive learning by helping pupils develop respect for all cultures, races and religions through making music together. Every pupil has the chance to engage meaningfully so that they might discover their full potential as a creative and practicing musician.

Secondary schools that encourage holistic development

Physical Education teaches pupils skills through a wide variety of age-appropriate physical activities including sports and psychomotor learning in a movement or a play setting.


As individuals, they will improve their understanding of concepts, rules, tactics and strategies. Physical Education also contributes to each child’s total growth and development and teaches resilience, determination and respect.

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Art & Design Technology provides pupils with a platform to express themselves, sparking imagination and developing transferable skills. It challenges them to articulate personal responses to their experiences, whilst pushing boundaries. This provides a unique opportunity to develop creative skills that are highly valued in many industries today.

Lessons provide the opportunity for pupils to grow in confidence and develop a healthy lifestyle and positive relationships.


Campus Information

Perse International School - Bukit Timah Campus

The Perse School Singapore is a boutique international British school in Singapore emphasising academic achievement with a unique, nurturing environment only possible in a small school setting. We inspire pupils to become lifelong learners, and aim to impart important life skills upon them during their time here.

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