Facilities & Learning Environment

Facilities & Learning Environment

The Perse School Singapore is always adapting to the needs of our children and we strive to give them the best that we can. Each bright and airy classroom is fully equipped with the necessities to encourage learning.

We keep in mind that children respond best to a nurturing, warm, creative and safe environment. We also make use of our surrounding community facilities, ensuring that our students become confident and well-integrated members of our immediate community.

Facilities & Learning Environment

Supporting Learning & Growth

In total, we have 20 rooms with 14 dedicated classrooms. We also have 2 Science Laboratories, a Music Room, an Arts Room, an Activity Room, a Reading Room and the Think Pad, which is a casual activity area for our pupils. 

Our Classrooms

Our child-centred classrooms are designed for comfort and optimised for collaboration. Our pupils often share their learning by receiving feedback and using their individual iPads to present and cast work to the board. Each classroom features high-tech touchscreens with Apple TV. Each class is capped at a ratio of 1 teacher to 24 pupils. We also employ teaching assistants to support our teachers in the classroom and to help to differentiate learning.

Science Laboratories

The Perse School Singapore has 2 high tech, well equipped science laboratories. Our children enjoy 2.5hrs* of science every week and are able to perform experiments, make observations and draw conclusions. This reinforces their understanding of science concepts in relation to the real world.

*1.5hrs for Years 1 and 2


Our dedicated music room provides exciting opportunities to enhance and stretch musical skills. Each child will receive 1 hour of music plus 30 mins of choral lessons every week. With music being such an important part of learning, we also offer *one on one peripatetic instrumental lessons on a weekly basis should your child wish to learn an instrument. Children are taught by prestigious McKee Music teachers. Instrument learning creates confidence, emotional growth & behavioural development.

*Peripatetic instrumental lessons are at an extra cost.


Art provision at The Perse School Singapore encourages learners to have dialogues with the world. Learners experience art in our dedicated art room, beyond the classroom in galleries, museums and other diverse settings and through collaboration.

Learners are valued as artists, our children freely explore their ideas by experimenting, inventing, creating and reflecting and are encouraged to become critical, decisive and adaptable thinkers. Our children receive an hour of specialist art teaching every week and they also have opportunities to develop and apply transferable skills and competencies – like imagination, creativity and social consciousness – across our curriculum.

Our art learners articulate personal responses, they explore their place and that of others in our evolving, innovative and interconnected world through a range of art mediums and experiences.

Activity Areas

Children have the option of using various other areas in the school during lunch and break. 

Those who prefer to curl up with a good book or a board game can make the most of our Reading Room or Zen Den. These quiet spaces provide a tranquil retreat for those who like to relax and read in their free time.

We also have a large undercover area for children who want to run around and let off steam.


Physical Education is a time for letting off steam, learning to collaborate with your peers and setting new goals for yourself. At The Perse School Singapore, we utilise our surroundings to ensure our pupils have full access to all sporting activities. Whether it is learning a new swimming stroke or mastering your hiking, pupils at the Perse School are encouraged to embrace physical activity.
Facilities & Learning Environment
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