Extra-Curricular Activities

Our Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) provide a wealth of opportunity for our pupils.

Our Three Pillars of Extra-Curriculars

We have three pillars of activities – active, creative and academic. Throughout their school careers, pupils are encouraged to take part in an activity from each category to create breadth and balance in their lives beyond the classroom. Our pupils are encouraged to delve deeper into their areas of interests through a multitude of extra-curricular activities. These form an important part of their journey, teaching lessons in resilience, patience, endurance and more.

Active ECAs

For exercise, good physical and mental health, teamwork and perseverance. Our pulse-raising activities are chosen to ensure that there is something for everyone, whether it is on the sports field or on the dance floor. Some examples of our active ECAs are football, dance, swimming, tennis, and martial arts.

Creative ECAs

For self-expression, encouraging imagination and exploring different ways to embrace creativity. At The Perse, we want our pupils to have the confidence and tools to express their own individuality and view of the world. Some examples of our creative ECAs are photography, school choir, art, school band, music and drama.

Academic ECAs

For exploring passions and developing intellectual curiosity. We believe in encouraging curiosity in our pupils, and our academic ECAs are perfect for children who always want to find out more. Some examples of our academic ECAs are coding, debates, robotics, mathematics, science, and Destination Imagination.
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