The Perse School Singapore is an all-inclusive school with an environment where children can thrive academically, socially and personally. Whilst academics is a very important part of our day, so is wellbeing.

We are committed to helping children develop as confident, smiling, interesting and interested individuals. Promoting and supporting the wellbeing of everyone in the school community is a huge part of creating this ethos and the school works in a variety of ways to approach wellbeing from every angle.

We are also very aware that many children are not just starting a new school, but have moved countries and often away from family and close friends. As the world slowly emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, it has become an even more important part of every day school life and to make sure our children feel comfortable and happy to talk to our staff.

Central to all aspects of this process is effective communication. At The Perse School Singapore, we pride ourselves on our approachable staff, whose doors are always open to help support others in our community. Our staff go the extra mile to get to know our pupils as individuals, and we value what makes each child unique.

Happy children are successful children. Pastoral care at The Perse School Singapore centres around the Form Teacher, who is the first contact for children or parents with any concerns. Our approach is always positive, and we believe passionately that recognising every child’s diverse achievements is a key part of ensuring that they feel valued at school.

The safety of our pupils is paramount and our rigorous policy provides a professional and caring structure for concerns to be processed and needs addressed.

The Perse House System

Soon after joining The Perse School, pupils are allocated to one of four Houses: Barbarians, Foresters, Nomads and Corinthians.

Pupils receive House points for positive behaviour and achievement, and the chance to work towards certificates and awards. Ultimately, the collaboration between our pupils results in the House Shield allocation, a prestigious award to the House who have gained the most points.

Keenly contested Inter-House competitions, involving all pupils, take place throughout the year. This is a wonderful way to work as a team, whilst also being proud of their own achievements.

Named after the nomadic amateur rugby side which played their first fixture in 1890.

Named after the nomadic amateur football side which played their first fixture in 1882.

Named after the nomadic amateur cricket side established in 1856.

Named after one of the University’s hockey sides.

Outdoor Education

Physical Education is a time for letting off steam, learning to collaborate with your peers and setting new goals for yourself. At The Perse School Singapore, children receive 2.5 hours of PE every week as well as other outdoor activities during school hours.

Every child receives 16 lessons of swimming per year which takes place at The Temasek Club, are led by professional swimming coaches and cater for all abilities.

For their field sports, children go up to The Rainforest Hub at Turf City and take advantage of local gymnastics facilities for part of their PE curriculum. During break and lunch time, children also use nearby trampolining facilities as well as the Bukit Timah reserve.

When they are not swimming pupils play sport at The Rainforest Hub. Both venues are conveniently situated a short 5 minute bus ride away. 

School Trips

The Perse values extending learning outside of the classroom through school trips. 

Whilst we have not been unable to partake in many school trips due to the Covid-19 restrictions we have managed a trip to The Red Dot Design Museum and hikes up Bukit Timah Hill recently, with plans for trips to The National Gallery, Chinatown and sleeping under the stars for our Scouts, to name just a few! 

Each child will have at least 6 trips a year which will emphasise the cultural, scientific and historical opportunities in Singapore. Visitors and workshops are also an ongoing part of school life.


Extra-Curricular Activities are an important part of school life here at The Perse. Our ECA’s are split into 3 categories – Active, Creative and Academic.

Throughout their time at school, our children are encouraged to sign up for at least 1 ECA a term. It might be something they have never tried before – encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone is an important Value to The Perse (We Endeavour), or it may be something your child already enjoys, encouraging them to delve deeper into their areas of interests (We Value Breadth & Balance). These form an important part of their journey, teaching lessons in resilience, patience, endurance and more.

We run core ECA classes on a termly basis to offer our children a chance to improve and expand their learning. Core ECA’s are classes such as Chess, Trinity Speech & Drama, Scouts. Examples of other ECA’s are Dodgeball, Multisport, Knitting, Debate Club and many more!

The Extra Curricular Activity Programmes run either during lunchtime or after school every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 3.45pm – 4.45pm.

Classes that are run by our teachers are generally FOC, whilst classes run by outside vendors range between $140-$270 per term.

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