Affiliated Kindergartens

Affiliated Kindergartens:

The Perse School Singapore is proud to be affiliated to the below Kindergartens under SingEd Global Schoolhouse and are pleased to offer any child a priority place at The Perse as well as a waiver of the Application & Enrolment fee.*

Swallows & Amazons

“Way back to 2007, when I came across our previous campus in Turf City, a little wild space with wonderful full grown trees, the name Swallows and Amazons just came to me. It was a Children’s Adventure Novel by Arthur Ransome that I read when I was a child. The story was one about children learning through discovery and exploration, being risk takers, independent learners, open minded, caring, communicators, reflective, with a focus on the EQ. All these qualities are reflected in our Curriculum and Learning Environment.”

Jackie Barkham,
Founder & Director of Swallows & Amazons

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Primus Schoolhouse

It is our aim for every Primus child to become a confident, fulfilled individual with the tools to contribute positively to society. Every child has a unique potential for achievement, and we provide a stimulating and ordered learning environment with the facilities and ethos to instruct, encourage and inspire children to discover and develop their own talents and to become life-long learners.

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Whitelodge Preschools

White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare provides a child–centred learning environment that encourages active learning, involvement and discovery through a hands-on approach. We believe a child’s role is to experience learning as an adventure in an environment that accommodates his/her learning rate.

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