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Welcome to The Perse School, an accredited International School in Singapore

The Perse School is a British International School which brings over 400 years of tradition, values and educational excellence from Cambridge to Singapore. We encourage a culture of international mindedness, promote respect and encourage empathy and thoughtfulness. Our children are aspirational and experience new learning where they aim to challenge themselves. We work hard to ensure that every child is valued as an individual and goes on to develop a life-long love of learning.

Why Us?

At The Perse School Singapore, we take teachable moments throughout the school day to build the character of pupils and empower them with lifelong independent learning skills. With our knowledge and experience in providing international quality education, our teachers are able to challenge pupils on a personal, individualised basis, enabling exposure to repeated experiences that push pupils towards true curiosity in learning.

Our Values Shape Everything We Do

We Value

Intellectual Curiosity
& Scholarship

We love learning, think deeply, and are creative.
We Value

Breadth & Balance

We are involved, engaged, committed and take full advantage of opportunities on offer.
We Value


We push personal boundaries, unlock our potential and develop resilience when faced with challenges.
We Value

Respect for One Another & Our Environment

We celebrate diversity, acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of others and treat everyone with fairness and kindness.

The Perse School Singapore

Teaching and Learning

We ignite passions, spark curiosities and foster a spirit of enquiry. At this stage in their school career, it is essential for children to learn to use language effectively and imaginatively in writing and speaking, build solid foundations for mathematical and scientific understanding, and develop as well-rounded learners across the curriculum.

Our approach is underpinned by the Perse Learning Philosophy and the desire to instil a genuine love of learning


Admissions are now open for all year groups – Years 1 to 6

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