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Boutique British International School

The Perse School Singapore is a boutique International British school in Singapore emphasising academic achievement with a unique, nurturing environment only possible in a small school setting. A diverse, genuinely inclusive school community, The Perse School Singapore welcomes families from many different cultures and nationalities. We challenge our children outside of the classroom with great emphasis placed on developing breadth and balance, with an all-rounded education full of clubs, sports, outdoor pursuits, music, art and drama.

The excellent academic heritage, breadth and balance of the curriculum and pastoral care is embedded from The Perse School Cambridge which has over 400 years of tradition and has been adapted to meet the international needs of children in Singapore.


Early Years
Age 5-7 years old
Junior School
Age 7-11 years old
Senior School
Age 11-13 years old (with plans to open)

The Perse School Singapore is an accredited Cambridge International School following the Cambridge Primary (Year 1 to 6) and Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum (Year 7 starting August 2022, with higher years to follow). We also offer Singapore Mathematics and daily Mandarin classes in addition to English, Science, Geography, History, Art, Music, PE, Global Perspectives, and Digital Literacy.

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Subject-Specific Teaching

From Year 3, each child is taught by subject-specific teachers, who bring depth and passion to their subject.  We have passionate subject-specific teachers on hand to ignite every child’s curiosity for learning.

Working with an understanding of how children progress in that subject, our subject-specialists have the ability to meaningfully extend and fine-tune our children’s learning in the traditional prep school manner. We have a low student-teacher ratio of 24:1, making sure that students benefit from the proper care and attention that a small class size can give them.

The Perse Values

Our core values underpin the way in which we teach our children. Our aim is for our students to leave The Perse School as well-rounded, confident individuals who are excited to learn through taking risks with the confidence to make and then reflect on their mistakes.

Our Core Values are: Intellectual Curiosity & Scholarship, Breadth & Balance, Endeavour & Respect for One Another & Our Environment.

Multi-sensory & Experiential Learning

We believe in hands on learning through multi-sensory and experiential techniques such as games, technology & visual aids, as well as working with the more traditional textbooks. 

Our Key Stage 1 specialists (Years 1 & 2) deliver the Cambridge Curriculum through a creative narrative-based approach. Pupils will build towards enterprise outcomes like running pop-up restaurants, museums, galleries or publishing work. In addition, pupils enjoy a rich mix of visits and workshops which complement and stimulate learning. 

This ensures that the children develop a good understanding of the world through exciting and inspiring learning opportunities.

A Cosy Learning Environment

The Perse School Singapore is a boutique school situated at the heart of Bukit Timah. Our student body has a capacity of only 290 children, and we are therefore able to create a nurturing environment in which our children thrive, gaining confidence and lifelong friendships.

Our class tutors deliver pastoral and social programmes to strengthen their tutees’ emotional understanding and resilience to support the development of The Perse values. We believe that our tutor system coupled with specialist subject teaching provides a quality education, achieving the best balance of pastoral and academic development.

Why Choose The Perse School Singapore?

International Schools Singapore

Different nationalities
in the school

International Schools Singapore


Capacity of children for the school, keeping it a cosy small school

International Schools Singapore

Hours of Chinese
every week

International Schools Singapore

Hours of Science every week in our High Tech Science Labs

International Schools Singapore5-12

Age Range of students in the school (Older years to follow in coming years)

International Schools Singapore1:24

Maximum class sizes with a teaching assistant at capacity

International Schools Singapore23

Extra-curricular activities
in the school and growing
all the time

School Hours and Average Class Sizes


School Hours


Average Class Size

International Schools Singapore

Age Range

5-13 Years Old (older years to follow in coming years)

International Schools Singapore

Max Class Size

1:24 with a teaching assistant at capacity
British International School
We Value
Intellectual Curiosity & Scholarship

We love learning, think deeply, and are creative.

British International School
We Value
Breadth & Balance

We are involved, engaged, committed and take full advantage of opportunities on offer.

British International School
We Value

We push personal boundaries, unlock our potential and develop resilience when faced with challenges.

British International School
We Value
Respect for One Another & Our Environment

We celebrate diversity, acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of others and treat everyone with fairness and kindness.


Admissions are now open for all year groups – Year 1 to 7 (aged 5 – 12 years old). Whether your family is already in Singapore or enquiring from abroad, it is our aim to make the Admissions process as smooth and easy as possible. 

Fostering academic excellence within a nurturing and stimulating environment, we inspire students and nurture their personal growth.  Please take a look at our Admissions page where you will be able to find out more about our Admissions Process. The Perse School Singapore welcomes students and parents to come visit. Find out how to BOOK A TOUR (either in person or virtually) here.

Affordable education at a world class international school
Best international school for a student's learning journey

Tuition Fees

Click here to see our affordable school fees that are set until August 2023 with continued discounts in place!

Parents & Students’ Testimonials

The Perse School Singapore- British International School
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
Year 5
“I love The Perse School Singapore because all the teachers are very kind and there is a big mix of students from all over the world – I have made really good friends since starting here in April. I also love being able to do experiments in the science labs and singing in the music room plus we get different teachers for each subject which makes it so much fun!”
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
The Perse School Singapore- British International School

Year 5

“I love The Perse School Singapore because everyone is so friendly, and I am getting to learn coding as an Extra Curricular Activity and Chinese every day which I LOVE. I also get to read lots of books from the library. I like that I am making lots of friends. The Perse School Singapore is the best!”
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
Year 3
“I still remember my first day at The Perse School Singapore. I was nervous about the new school but my teachers were very kind and helpful. I was welcomed by a friend who buddied with me and showed me around the school. We went to the library, our super cool science labs, music room and the lunch hall. I feel happy and confident at The Perse School Singapore where I have so many friends. My favourite subject is music and I love going into the music room and making my own music. School is super fun!!”
School life in a multicultural community with dedicated teachers
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
Simon & Alexandra Young,
Parents of Elena & Jessie
(Year 2 & Year 5)

“We joined The Perse School Singapore in June 2020 and have 2 children there. When our children first started the teachers dedicated time with the children and assigned each of them a buddy to help them settle in. We love The Perse School Singapore because it builds on the heritage and history of The Perse School in Cambridge, UK yet it is a small nurturing school offering small class sizes.

We always have direct access to our children’s form tutors which is fantastic – if there are any concerns/issues or good news to share, it can be done almost instantaneously! We couldn’t be happier that we found The Perse School Singapore for our children.”

Holistic education in an international school
The Perse School Singapore- British International School
Minendra & Anuja,
Parents of Grish & Myra

(Year 2 & Year 4)

“We enrolled our son in Year 2 at The Perse School Singapore. We are very happy to see him getting out of bed every morning excitedly to go to school. The school has been a very cosy environment and the students are getting a personalised care. We are very happy to see the students and the teachers know each other very well and by their name. Truly a Family away from home!

With all these good experiences with our first one, we have now decided to enrol our second child in the same school too. I am looking forward to many more days of my children with smiles on their faces with the joyful academic experience that The Perse School Singapore has to offer!”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We follow the Cambridge International Primary and Lower Secondary Curriculum with the addition of Singapore Maths and daily Chinese. We also sprinkle a touch of The Perse School Cambridge’s magic with their strong academic heritage.

There’s a common issue many parents face when selecting an international school—Singapore fees are high. A full-time school programme at an international school in Singapore will typically cost between S$17,000 and S$50,000 per year depending on the location and size of the school. However, The Perse School Singapore’s rates are highly competitive, and there are a number of options available.

At The Perse School Singapore, our standard tuition fees are $25,000. We also offer discounted fees of 10% in the current and upcoming academic year, on the condition that your child is enrolled by 31 August 2023.

We believe that international education begins from early childhood. Thus, The Perse School Singapore is proud to be affiliated with the following kindergartens:

Due to this affiliation, we are also pleased to offer any child coming from these preschools a priority place in our Year 1 cohort, as well as a waiver of the Application & Enrolment fee.

At The Perse School Singapore, our pupils get to experience a truly international education in the heart of South East Asia. They’ll spend their school life in a culturally diverse community of more than 30 different nationalities.

Together with our team of dedicated teachers and world-class facilities, our school provides a well-rounded education to promote lifelong learning and help our young learners achieve academic success.

After our young learners graduate from The Perse School Singapore, they will be equipped with an international perspective to become active global citizens and principled young adults. Our global education will prepare pupils to excel in post-secondary education that will enable them to attend leading universities in the future.

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